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St Martin's Nursery School, Monagh Link, Belfast

Mission Statement

St Martin’s Nursery School Ethos



We will have fun as we learn, keep healthy and enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum which provides opportunities through which each child is supported in their journey to succeed




The whole school community of St Martin’s will work collectively to provide a nurturing, safe, happy, environment which promotes a lifelong love of learning; Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)




Our curriculum planning will be one which encourages curiosity, exploration, creativity, empowerment, resilience, engagement, thinking skills and discovery, leading to more meaningful learning.




We will achieve to the highest standard possible and we will provide children with an outstanding education



We respect and value everyone in our school community and we take responsibility for our behaviour and actions




In St Martin’s we aim to help each child thrive. We want every child to reach their full potential and aim to provide a learning environment which is child centred in its approach.




We will inspire our pupils to be independent, creative and successful learners who make a positive contribution to our school and community




Nurture is defined as “care for and protect (someone or something) while they grow. In St Martin’s we will nurture the whole child; their social, emotional, academic, and personal development whilst caring for their physical and mental health.




We will provide a learning environment guided by our Catholic faith; one which will be thoughtful, calm, holy, sacred, serene, joyful and peaceful.



School Ethos

Believing, Inspiring, Learning, Achieving”

In our school our whole approach to Nursery education is child-centred; where the children experience a broad and balanced curriculum which enhances their educational, personal, social and emotional development. It is our aim to foster in children life-long learning values as indicated in our Mission Statement-


We aim to develop a lifelong love of learning by creating a safe, positive and inspiring learning environment which supports the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and creative development, interests and needs of all children; to allow them to grow and thrive”


At St Martin’s we believe that Nursery Education is a stage in its own rights and that for our children it is the first step on the educational ladder.

It is the beginning of a secure and rewarding partnership, with home and school, working together to provide a safe and stimulating environment for each individual child. St Martin’s Nursery is an integral part of Holy Trinity Parish.

The Principal, staff, parents and the entire community work in partnership to ensure each child is encouraged to achieve their full potential. We support each child to become increasingly independent and happy in a safe, secure and challenging learning environment.

The staff learn in a collegial approach to ensure that our Nursery Education is a firm foundation for each child’s all-round development and a basis for future learning.


C CHILD-Each child is recognised as an individual with unique talents, needs and abilities.

H HAPPY-Our children will be supported to flourish and grow in a learning environment guided under God’s presence.

I INCLUSION-We will work in partnership with children, families and the wider community to ensure inclusion and an outstanding education for all.

L LEARNING-Our Learning Environment is safe and welcoming for the whole school community.

D DEVELOPMENT-We will nurture and develop in our pupil’s an awareness of care and respect for others.


These aims will be achieved in a happy, nurturing and caring environment where children will learn through structured play activities in which they can experiment and find success at their own level, growing in independence and confidence as they begin their educational path.

An evaluation of the ethos and aims of St Martin’s Nursery School will be ongoing throughout each school year. The staff team is continually self-evaluative; we have a range of systems in place through which we reflect on our own practice. It is our aim through continuous self-evaluation that as a school we continue to grow and progress.

Parents/families are key partners in their child’s education. It is important that this relationship is fostered and continually nourished. From a child’s first day in St Martin’s Nursery School we are building this relationship; we have an ‘Open Door’ policy and we encourage Parents/families to talk to us and share their views and concerns. We also foster this relationship in various other ways throughout the year; we meet the parents at various scheduled times throughout the year, firstly at the Induction day, then on a daily basis, at two planned Parent/Teacher meetings, at school events such as Curriculum events, Storytelling Evenings and at performances.

We welcome feedback and thoughts through frequent questionnaires and from responses provided orally and shared through our school sharing App Seesaw. These responses and feedback help us to evaluate and review the effectiveness of our practices which helps ensure the school aims continue to be achieved.


Connecting Home and School makes us a